Welcome to Prison Care Ministries

Our Vision

Build relationships with prisoners, to assist them to regain independence on release and support them as they reintegrate with family and community.

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide rehabilitative accommodation for men released from prison or involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Encourage independent living and gainful employment for released prisoners.
  • Support individuals and families towards rebuilding family relationships.
  • The building of safer communities through reduced re-offending.
  • Promote awareness of the needs of released prisoners.


Released prisoners often find it very hard to reintegrate back into society and family. They may lack confidence to face the process of applying for a benefit, finding accommodation and employment etc. Simple factors such as being alone or sleeping in a large room can sometimes cause feelings of unease after years in a prison environment. Many things have changed: towns, road rules, culture, and society not to mention their own family. One-on-one counseling and support in these areas is essential.

Geoff and Jill McMillan, having worked for many years with prisoners through other ministries, identified the critical need for immediate after-care at the time of their release from prison. There was little in the way of support for prisoners and especially for their families outside the limited help from Government Departments. Thus in 2003 Prison Care ministries was born. Read more about our history here.

Currently we have 7 houses capable of accommodating 21 released prisoners.

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