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Chairpersons Report from the latest Annual report

I’m sure everyone has their own personal stories of how 2020 became an “unprecedented” year due to COVID-19. PCM suddenly found themselves as an Essential Housing Service Provider and needed to keep working and rapidly change their processes and adapt to online or contactless applications, virtual interviews etc, contactless deliveries etc. Setting up new bank accounts was a challenge, but mostly Sev and the team were able to continue to provide the kind of care and place for our men to belong, that has characterised PCM for many years.

The team continues to “walk alongside” the men, which was recently described to me as providing a values based therapeutic community – which was both insightful and encouraging to hear. We’ve been searching for another staff member to provide more pastoral care and relieve some of Sev’s responsibilities. While we’ve not been entirely successful yet, we’re hoping to have an arrangement in-place soon to help fill that gap.

We’ve had some trustee and volunteer changes over the year:

Bruce McDowall resigned as a trustee in Dec 2020, but is still active as a volunteer.

Alan Vink attended our March 2021 Trustee meeting and subsequently joined PCM as a new trustee. Alan brings an abundance of experience working with community and non-profit organisations at the governance level and we welcome him to the team.

We’ve had more than seven new volunteers go through our induction process and they are mostly helping with running Home Groups in the houses. This is awesome as they provide additional support to both the men and the ministry and it’s great to see and hear positive feedback of their involvement. PCM couldn’t function to the same level without volunteers and we’re very thankful for them.

The Professional Counselling Service is now a core part of the care we provide and continues to be well received by the men, as they work through the challenges of re-integration.

We’ve also had a few more changes with the houses we rent, which is quite time consuming and we’ve ended up with a few less beds, but that is working ok for us in the interim. Some of these changes come about when our graduating men take-over the rental agreement for the house they’re in, which is actually an awesome event in terms of their independence and reintegration. Sometimes success takes on different forms.

Finally, I’d like to again thank our donors and supporters who have journeyed with us for many years and continue to surprise and encourage us with their generosity – at just the right time and we look forward to PCM continuing to do what we do best

Respectfully submitted

Alex  Shepherd

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