In August 2003 three people with a concern for those in prison saw a need for a further facility to offer support accommodation on release from prison. It was also identified that recently released prisoners need help connecting with support services. Often released prisoners find it hard to reintegrate back into society and family without sufficient support.

In 2004 Geoff and Jill McMillan set up Prison Care Ministries under the oversight of a board of trustees. They managed the organization until 2019 and continue to be involved as volunteers.

Their idea was to work with those in prison and their families to build a platform for reconciliation before, during and after their release from prison. Geoff and Jill have had a lot of experience supporting serving prisoners, released prisoners and their families. From this experience, they identified the difficulties and challenges released prisoners face re-integrating back into their families and life outside.

    • 2004, July – First support house opened (prior to a Trust being set up.)
    • 2004. 1st Sept- Certificate of Incorporation as a Non Profit Charitable Trust
    • 2005 – Second house opened.
    • 2007 – Third house opened.
    • 2008, 2nd April – Certificate of Registration as a Charitable Entity.
    • 2010 – Fourth house opened.
    • 2013 – One house closed.
    • 2014 – Two flats rented.
    • 2014, Sept – PCM celebrates its 10th Anniversary.
    • 2015 –  One flat & one house rented
    • 2016 – 8th residence opened
    • 2017 – Two residences closed due to being sold off; Two other residences opened
    • 2018 – One residence closed 
    • 2019 – Sept  The completion of Geoff and Jill’s time as staff, the handover to Sev Simwinga
      and the 15th Anniversary of PCM
    • 2019 – Reached a total of 9 residencies
    • PCM currently has 7 residencies

(All residences are rented properties)

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